Opium Poppy Pods (Papaver somniferum) 10lb


Opium Poppy Pods (Papaver somniferum) – Shop Papaver somniferum online

Shop Papaver somniferum online

The opium poppyPapaver somniferum (P. somniferum) is one of the most ancient medicinal plants, and continues to attract considerable attention due to its pharmacologically important alkaloids. Diverse benzylisoquinoline alkaloids derived from L-tyrosine in P. somniferum have been reported. Among them, the opium alkaloids morphine, codeine, noscapine, thebaine and papaverine account for the highest proportions .

Extensive researches have demonstrated the analgesic, antitussive, and anticancer properties of these alkaloids. For instance, morphine and codeine are well-known narcotic analgesics producing analgesia effects through binding to mu-opioid, and noscapine has elucidated to be a potential anticancer drug by inducing apoptosis in tumor cells  To further improve the production and to sustainably exploit the medicinal value of these important alkaloids in P. somniferum, various researches in plant morphology  genetics  or enzymology  have been conducted for detailed information about their biosynthetic pathways, metabolic regulations and ecophysiological roles.

In almost all relevant researches, the species composition, content variation and spatial differentiation of alkaloids are direct experimental evidence critical for drawing conclusions or confirming results . Therefore, it’s vital to develop highly sensitive and spatial-resolved detection strategies for alkaloids mapping in P. somniferum.dried poppy pods

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Weight seeds: 2000 seeds per gram planting distance: 25×25 cm
Stand: Sun plant
Height: 90-110 cm
Bee plant: yes
Annual or perennial    :  Annual flower
Edible flower   :  Yes

The annual poppy seed is a sturdy, grey-green plant with a following short-blooming white, lilac heart, flowers that attract many bees. At the end of August, the decorative seed pods are suitable for drying

What are the pods of the opium poppy?

These fruits or pods (also called “seedpods,” “capsules,” “bulbs,” or “poppy heads”) are either oblate, elongated, or globular and mature to about the size of a chicken egg. The oblate- shaped pods are more common in Southeast Asia. Only the pod portion of the plant can produce opium alkaloids.



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