Opium Poppy Pods (Papaver somniferum) 5lb

Opium Poppy Pods for Sale, papaver is preserved so its intricate heads are captured as tiny textured spheres, clustered almost like berries, on its signature pine-like stem. The intricacy of the clusters of buds creates a block of gorgeous colour, perfectly complimenting a variety of seasonal foliage and flora

Description: Embrace the allure of botanical elegance with our Opium Poppy Pods, sourced from the finest growers around the world. These exquisite pods, harvested from Papaver somniferum plants, captivate with their delicate shapes, velvety textures, and enchanting hues.

Opium Poppy Pods are revered for their natural beauty and versatile applications. Whether used in floral arrangements, home decor accents, or creative projects, they add a touch of rustic charm and timeless sophistication to any setting.

Please note that Opium Poppy Pods are intended for decorative purposes only. They should not be ingested or used for any other purposes.

Experience the enchantment of Opium Poppy Pods and elevate your space with the captivating beauty of nature’s own masterpiece.


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